Inspiring Adjective Use with iPads

Today my class had (yet another!) lesson observation, so as with teachers across the land, I tried to do something new and exciting with lots of WOW factor! An area of the literacy curriculum that my class find hard, but have made progress with this year, is using adjectives in their writing to make it more interesting. Sometimes the children struggle to be creative with their ideas for describing words and the age old issue of everything being ‘nice’ rears its ugly head!


Firstly, I introduced my children to a new app (to the class) WeeMee Avatar Creator, I ran through the app (adding in some words on e-safety regarding the ‘pop up’ adverts) and then gave the children five minutes to create an avatar and export the character to the camera roll on their iPads.


The children were then brought back to the circle and shown ‘Dave’, an avatar that I had created earlier. Each child was asked to describe a part of ‘Dave’ or his background. I recorded these words and phrases using WordClouds on my iPad, then displayed them onto the whiteboard using AirServer. The discussion around this then involved identifying the adjectives amongst the other words.


The children then went to their tables where they all proceeded to make their own WordClouds, switching between apps to keep heir avatar in mind at all times. Once they had, exhausted their ideas for adjectives they were prompted to generate their ‘cloud’, again saving to the camera roll.


The final stage of the lesson involved the children producing a document, containing their Avatar image and WordCloud, as well as a photo of the learning intention (for marking later) using the old favourite Book Creator. The children then began to create sentences using the word clouds as an idea bank.


The children all created great sentences and were engaged in the whole activity, upon completion the children wanted to carry out the whole activity again (or so they said!). I think using WeeMee was a great success and opens up a lot of avenues for a variety of writing activities, as well as a whole host of speaking and listening ideas.

As an end of half term treat, we may drop their WeeMee avatar into YakIt Kids and get the children to describe them!