Autism specific wheel of iPad Apps

I first heard of Dr Sue Fletcher-Watson at an Apple Accessibility Summit I attended last year, she spoke of how using the iPad with people on the Autistic Spectrum could be really valuable and also introduced me to the excellent app (that she had a hand in designing!) FindMe. Sue does some amazing research into ‘exploring the uses of technology, and especially iPad apps, to support, educate and engage children with autism.

I added her to my Twitter Personal Learning Network and keenly follow the things she talks about and try to introduce the ideas mentioned to my colleagues at work. Yesterday, Sue unleashed a new updated wheel of apps aimed directly for those on the Autistic spectrum.

Screen Shot 2015-04-16 at 19.48.44

The wheel separate’s apps into four main categories: Communication, Education, Life Skills and Fun. These are then sub divided into those apps for children and those for teenagers and adults.

Most of the apps are things that are already used commonly inside my classroom with the Autistic children that I teach, but I am pleased to say that there are some that are new to me!

You can download the high resolution PDF image, with clickable links here.

Thanks so much to Dr Sue Fletcher-Watson for kindly allowing me to reproduce the app wheel.

Follow Sue here.

Visit her web site:

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