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class dojo

As a SEN teacher I am always looking for something to ‘hook’ the children into behaving in and out of classroom. Around a year ago I did some work with Trilby, our training partner, Ben and Neil happened to mention the website and App, ClassDojo. During the following weeks I looked at ClassDojo and was immediately struck by the fact that it was visually appealing to me and looked easy to use. Over the coming months I tested it out with my class, to find the best way to integrate ClassDojo into the behaviour reward systems for the children.

This year I hit the ground running with my new class and began using ClassDojo in conjunction with a marble reward system. This works something like this:

We set up ClassDojo with class agreed positive and negative behaviours, we give points at the end of each lesson. At the end of the day we look at the Class Reports generated for each child, a great visual idea of how they have got on for the day, green = good and red = bad, to this end we give a varying quantity of marbles, 3 for 100%, 2 for 90% etc

The children then save their marbles in jars and when full, get a reward, certificate and a sticker for their chart. Upon filling 5 jars they get a super prize!

We gave the children the ownership of the positive and negative behaviours, they were given a login (on a one off) and designed their own avatar for their monster!

The children love using this system, and the behaviour has been exceptional this year thus far (have I just jinxed it!) We have ‘rolled’ ClassDojo out across the school and with bit of work we have managed to get most classes linked with each other, enabling us to give points for those good things you see as your walking the corridors! I can recommend ClassDojo to any SEN or primary teacher, i’m sure you will have as much joy with it as I am having.

Our ClassDojo behaviour reward board:


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