Protecting your school iPads in an SEN classroom…


During the last week I have dealt with the first damage to an iPad in the school, and also witnessed a child hit an iPad on a table from quite a height. This led me to reflect on the lack of damage to our iPad’s in our 1:1 iPad scheme so far and the reasons behind this.

Firstly the damage to the first iPad (bizarre green screen flash, then nothing) wasn’t from an obvious reason, no damage to the case, screen etc This may have been down to a faulty component internally or possibly someone had hit the screen or stood on it! Lucky our Apple Solution Partner, Academia, have been great at helping fix this issue, with a very small cost to the school!

The second incident that caused reflection, was witnessing a child hit the iPad (screen side up) onto a table, I feared the worse, expecting another iPad needing to be boxed for repair. To my surprise though no damage was caused!

I thought about how the second iPad wasn’t damaged, with the force used and also how as a school, how low the damage count to the 150+ iPad’s we have in use at school.

We use a combination of Griffin products for all the school iPad’s, both student and staff. We have been using the Griffin AirStrap for the teacher iPads,  these are light and user friendly and come highly recommended by us (although they seem not to be manufacturing them for iPad Air 2, a real shame!).

The student iPad’s are all protected by Griffin Survivor cases, these come at quite a cost per unit (around £40), but have proved great value, due to the low breakage level thus far, and also the protection from those outbursts I witnessed earlier this week.


These Griffin cases have been a great insurance policy for us to protect the schools iPad investment. I would guess that if it were not for these cases the breakage level would have been much higher than this.

I have also used the Vibe SlickGrip  and have been really impressed with them, especially their ability to ‘amplify’ the sound from the iPad speaker. Vibe’s product is very easy and comfortable to hold and much lighter than the Survivor.  Although, I would have probably witnessed some damage to the iPad bounced off a table (!) if we had used the SlickGrip throughout the school.

Just a few of my thoughts, obviously it depends on the children in the classes and budgets, as the SlickGrip retails at around half the price!

There are also, hundreds of other cases on the market, most of which I have not seen or tried in a school context!

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