Tiggly Shapes

After looking on the Apple Store one evening whilst bored, looking for Christmas presents for myself, I stumbled across two products that looked exciting, Tiggly Shapes and Tiggly Numbers (not for me strictly, but I have played with them!) They struck me as being great for the SEN classroom and for my home!

Tiggly Shapes (£24.99) was the product I went for first, for the simple reason I have a two year old son and the shapes are targeted for 18months upwards , whereas the Numbers are for three up.

The shapes are four brightly coloured rubber coated objects that have small ‘feet’ that the iPad can sense. They are very comfortable to hold and are large enough for those with motor issues to find holding easy.


There are three free apps that are available for the Tiggly Shapes to interact with, these are:

Tiggly Safari – teaches shape names by playing shape ‘snap’.


Tiggly Draw – stamping the Tiggly Shapes on the screen creates animated characters, that are named and can be moved around on screen.


Tiggly Stamp – uses the Tiggly Shapes to stamp a shape on the screen, then use the inbuilt tools to add features to these shapes, creating fun faces, that are animated, creating a larger picture.


Also available is Tiggly Christmas for £1.49, I am yet to try this for the obvious reason of it no longer being Christmas and its price!

The three free apps are great fun and would be an ideal way of teaching shapes, fine and gross motor skills, colours as well as being creative and entertaining.

I can’t wait to get some of these for school (or borrow my sons set!) and try them with those children working in lower P levels and the EYFS. I’m sure the children (and staff) will love them too! It won’t be long before I get a set of the numbers too! Great work Tiggly, on combining the old with the new!!