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Today started as any other day, the alarm went off waking me from my slumber, I thought about hitting snooze BUT then it struck me…the Apple Distinguished Educator (ADE) alumni had been contact the previous night, my iPad and iPhone may be harbouring a cheeky email that could put a grin onto my weary morning face!

I had applied to be an ADE in early March, after preparing for many months before. I had created a variety of resources for the school, including iTunes U courses and multi-touch iBooks. As part of the application process I needed to make a two minute video sharing my vision and achievements, this included recording my class hard at work on iPads, me delivering training and (the worst bit) delivering a piece straight to camera! I actually enjoyed making this ‘movie’ it really focussed on how amazing the work my students were achieving and how far the school and myself had come on our 1:1 iPad journey. I do wish I could share it, but due to e-safety concerns, I sadly can’t!

The second part of the application was a written part outlining you, your vision and how Apple technologies (not just iPads!) had transformed the learning environment. Anyone that knows me will know writing does not come easy to me, but this writing was some of the easiest I have had to do. Possibly because of the opened ended nature, a limited character count or the fact that I am just so passionate about using these technologies in my classroom.

As an ADE the role is to be an author, advisor, ambassador and advocate for the use of Apple technology in education toe hence teaching and learning. I have been inspired by many ADEs on my journey so far, to name but a few Neil Emery, Greg Hughes, Gavin Smart, Mat Pullen, Tom Riley, Marc Faulder, Daniel Edwards and Mark Anderson. They are a great community and can be relied upon for great ideas, inspiration and answers to queries!

I am delighted to say that I have been selected to be an Apple Distinguished Educator in the class of 2015. It is a great thrill and honour to be in this select group of educators across the world. I can’t wait to join the ADE institute in Amsterdam in July, where I am looking forward to learning loads and upon my return helping others to enhance the curriculum using Apple technologies in the classroom!!

Mentions and thanks to my headteacher, Vic at Academia and also the Apple Midlands Education Development Manager (whom shall remain nameless!!) for all the support through the whole journey!

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